SMS Alert System

What we offer – A website which provide a medium to send sms to students, their parents or to faculties on any events.

What you need for this system ?

• No need of Extra Manpower.

• Not required to invest in any software or hardware.

• No Installation Charges.

• No Data Processing Charge.

• No Hidden Cost.

• You need only at least one PC or Laptop.

• One internet connection.

Cost of this project

Item Qty Rate Cost
Domain name 1 Rs 700/- Rs 700 (Yearly)
S.M.S Software 1 Rs 20,000/- Nil (Provided by company )
S.M.S Alert --- Rs 23/- Rs 23/- (Monthly) Per Student
Maintenance --- Rs 4/- Rs 4/-(Monthly) Per Student
Service Charge --- Rs 3/- Rs 3/-(Monthly) Per Student
Total --- Rs 30/-(Monthly) Per Student

Cost for per student (per month ) – Rs 30 /- only

Total cost of project = (student qty) * (sms alert system charge) + service tax

Note –

Payment mode – Cash (Advance payment one month with date).

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