Why You Need Website And Software ?

•You need a website because you want to grow and spread your business.

Customers can get your products and services through the website at their convenience.

•Your website communicates with customers 24/7/365(any time).

•Through email and social media (like Facebook and Twitter) allow your clients to communicate with you any time.

•why you need software? if you have a large number of customers, carry inventory,and have different kinds of billing cycles.

•Businesses, such as restaurants or retail stores and small organisation, probably already have good software for their business needs.

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Why You Need SMS Alert Service ?

• Our software is capable to record student’s details (like personal and education profile).

• Our system is smart enough to send alert message to the parent of absent student.

• Our system is capable to send three fees submission reminders.

• Our system is search today’s birthday and wishes them in just one click.

• Easy interface so School Administration can insert data by self.

• Assigning homework and class notice to students.

• School Administration can view/print list of students of every class / sec.

• School Administration can modify student data as per requirement.

• Send Urgent Holiday Notice Like Rainy Day , D.M. Order etc.

• Send Normal Holiday Notice.Send Event / Function / PTM Notice.

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